• What is Psychedelic Assisted Therapy



    Interventions using psychedelics have shown promise as a treatment for alcohol dependence, nicotine dependence, anxiety related to a terminal illness, and chronic PTSD, and research is underway to examine its efficacy in relation to obsessive-compulsive disorder, treatment-resistant depression, and social anxiety related to autism, among other potential applications.


    Since the early 1990s, a new generation of scientists has revived the research. Clinical trials have shown that ingesting a psychedelic in a carefully prescribed and monitored setting can induce an experience that is medically safe and that provokes profound, durable psychological and behavioral change.


    Psychedelic assisted Therapists are specially trained therapists who can explain the process to a client before they take the enthroned, sit with a client (usually in pairs) during the actual experience or walk with the client through the integration process after the medicine has been taken. The integration process is varied but tends to be the process of integrating new insights and transformations into the clients life after an alternative state of consciousness leads to changes.


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